Fallcrest Campaign

The Party to the Temple

(Entries from Thyst’s Journal pieced together from the ashes found in a fire.)

Wild Party
I decided it may be smart to write down my experiences in case something unfortunate may happen during the course of my travels with my companions.
It seems that our party was well received, but to say it went smoothly would be a lie. It started off normal enough with my companions conversing with old friends, while I entertained the younger ones with small tricks… I ran into Tera who seemed annoyed I did not venture to save her at the dragons graveyard. The “gods” must have favored me since I was able to convince her that I sent Acquisitions Incorporated to her rescue. More importantly she talked about her evil Apprentice who ran off… I should probably look into that. Did she say his name or give a description. Bah all fleshy look alike it would do no good if she did.
A mad woman claimed I was the destroyer of towns, could this be Ama searching for me… or some other of my race who wants to claim my power for their own. I will need to hasten my studies to be ready for when they show. Later that night my companions were brought in by force to see the Lord Warden, but Jinx’s arrival allowed us to show that the attack on the city when I first ran into my companions was not their doing. I’m beginning to believe that perhaps they did not burn down the orphanage.

Entry 2
I went back to the Green fools tower tonight to see if I can find any books that could enhance my knowledge of the power coming from my leg and the necroshard slipping away from my companions seemed easy as if I was aided by someone or perhaps something… the city guards greeted me and told that the Lord Warden wished a meeting. Knowing that I was no match, I followed them to the keep where he made an offer for me to be the new City Wizard. While I do not relish the mundane tasks, it makes a perfect opportunity to read the Green Fool’s tomes…. Perhaps the answers lie there.

Entry 4
I have been speculating on it long enough, I must find a way to get everyone to go to the place of power…. I will try and urge my companions to make this our next excursion. I fear that Ama or Tera’s missing apprentice may already be heading towards it

Entry 6
My fears were confirmed. Others have received the same “Calling” to the place of power. This is evident from a crazed old man who Finn head-butted into oblivion. I wished to ask him questions but that fool had to ruin everything, you can never trust non magic users….. We must make haste, perhaps I’ll head out early in the morning alone.

Entry 8
Finn was trying to do something last night, but the fool forgot that I don’t sleep. While I noticed him this time, this Journal is too dangerous to keep around without a guard.
I will try a ritual I read about in the Green Fool’s Tower, It should send this book back to my room under lock and key… I should not have any problems casting it, unless I’m interrupted.

Session 9: End of the Keep
and the end of Kurch ...or is it?

On their way out of the Keep after defeating Kurch and closing the rift to the Shadowfell, the party came across a message cylinder: Within this wooden tube is a sheet of vellum.
“Greetings, Kalarel. I have recently learned of your activity
in the area and have an offer for you. During your time in this
region, if you should capture any humanoids, we are eager to
buy them. We have duergar allies in Thunderspire in need of
slave stock. If you are interested, send an envoy back to me. My
messengers will show the way.” It is signed: “Chief Krand of the

Session 8: Starting the Keep on the Shadowfell
Goodbye Orworl

Orworl was captured and dragged into the Keep. In the Keep we found Sir Keegan in his tomb and he gave information along with a sword. Next up, the second level of the Keep.

Session 7: To the Keep!

The party went to Winterhaven to investigate a nearby Keep where Kurch might be. To save time they took a teleportation circle to immediately go from the wizard’s tower in Fallcrest to the wizard tower in Winterhaven. But before leaving Finnegan sent Hansi to bring money to Orson Stein at the Heartstien as payment for catering the upcoming party the True Fallcrest Guard will host.
Uninterested in happenings of the city, the party headed straight to the Keep.
On the way they encountered a crazed naked old man who tried to warn them of the dangers of the Keep, but the party refused to listen.
They also came across a suspicious elf tied to a tree, but left him defenseless and unheard. In actuality, he was Kurch in disguise attempting to persuade the party not to go to the Keep.
At the keep they were ambushed by a mass of kobolds and a re-animated baby white dragon.

Session 6: Into the Bowels of Fallcrest
Poop ghosts

Before leaving for Winterhaven the The True Fallcrest Guard had some business to take care of on their turf. Orcus cultists had taken control of the sewers, and were using them as a chemical weapon to spread sickness and contamination. They had to be stopped, and it was once again up to the TFG to clean up the city’s problems. Long story short, they did.
After clearing out the sewers the party visited Nimozaran The Green to see if he could teleport them to Winterhaven. He said he would, for a price. The party tried unsuccessfully to haggle him down, but he offered them a discount if they could help him with a problem. Can somebody say sidequest? He had created a mechanical humanoid named Belmont, but it had escaped from his tower. It had no knowledge of the world, and he was afraid of what it might do.
They found Belmont and convinced it to return with them to Nimozaran’s tower, on the condition that he would make another mechanical humanoid, which would have “squishy bits.”

Session 5: The Well of Darkness
No... pe.

In search of a lead on Kurch the The True Fallcrest Guard descended into the catacombs. The entered an area called the Well of Darkness, protected by a spirit known as Noe. He offered them aid with some strange provisions, but they refused to take advantage of such needless help.
Deep inside the Well of Darkness they party came across a ghost named Ammarodon. He told them that he was an ancient body guard of the Markelhay family, and he would allow them entrance into the Markelhay vault if they helped him retrieve his body, which had been stolen by Kurche! Excited at having found the lead they sought, they quickly accepted. Ammarodon told them that Kurch had gone to a ruined keep north of Winterhaven to seek the artifacts he required for his dark ritual.

Session 4: The True Fallcrest Guard
We don't need a realtor
While walking around town the party was attacked by Shara’s old party. They did OK, for an adventuring group that leaves its loot around to be taken and lets its leader get killed all alone. One of them, a shardmind named Thyst, realized that this party offered better benefits and joined them. Together with their new member, the party infiltrated the estate of “Lord” Kamroth. They discovered that he was a worshiper of Tiamat, and had evil plans for the citizens of Fallcrest. Kamroth and his minions were quickly dispatched, and the party gained legal control of his estate and holdings. After much debate, they decided to do the right thing and return the deeds to the beleaguered people. Having obtained the Kamroth Estate, and after doing so many good deeds in Fallcrest, the party was becoming a part of the town. They took the name The True Fallcrest Guard, since the Fallcrest Guard didn’t seem to do much. They immediately began making plans to throw a wild party, just so they had something to do between protecting Fallcrest and saving the world.
Session 3: Guilty Until Proven Useful
Good thing we had that Chance card

Dear Orson,
These Fallcrest officials are terrible. Some self-styled lord is terrorizing the peasants, the captain of the guard has a stick up his ass, and the Lord-Warden doesn’t trust us even though we saved the city! We were arrested after we had just saved a bunch of kids from the burning building; nobody believes that we helped them though, some gnome took credit for it. I see now why you never trusted the little buggers. Jail sucked, but we were finally able to make Markelhay understand that we’re the good guys and that we’re trying to help, so he let us go. An evil wizard named Kurche is trying to unleash some darkness on the city. He was the one who started the Shadowplague, and now he’s trying to find some artifact he needs to conduct an evil ceremony. We have to find him, but the trail has gone cold and we have no idea what to do.
The sword Blackrazor is doing some strange things to me. Making me want things, do things…. I’m not sure if I did the right thing ti pick it up, but I’m terrified of what might happen if I don’t keep it safe. I still believe that I’m meant to do something with it, but I don’t know what that is. I want to purify it, turn it to good so that it can be a blessing in this world instead of a curse. Maybe that would help to make up for the evil it’s done. But I don’t know how to do that, or even if it’s possible. My friends want to destroy it, but we don’t know how to do that either. I think that Garm, the odd one, knows more than he’s saying, but I don’t know why he would keep a secret like that.
So, situation: unknown. Bad stuff is going on, and it seems like we’re the only ones who can do anything about it. But we have no idea what to do. All I want is to help these people.

Session 2: What goes up...
Evils new and old, and a slide. With pudding.

Dear Orson,
You won’t believe all the craziness that has happened since I’ve reached Fallcrest. After fighting zombies and getting arrested, the Lord Warden and all his guards turned into zombies too! The gnome did something so that we were protected from the zombie effects, but we had to knock everyone else there out. And, before you worry, I didn’t steal any of their stuff. After that we met this righteous half-elf woman, decked out in armor who, for some reason, immediately thought that I was a bad person. Also the orphanarium was on fire. So we ran across town to save the orphans, and she starts chasing me to try and stop me! I don’t think she’s actually evil, but maybe misinformed. She also thinks Orworl’s camel is her god. I jumped up to the roofs to get away from her, but she just followed me. I’m surprised she could get up there in all that metal!
When we got to the orphanarium, me still roof-hopping with an iron-clad, divinely-inspired maiden-of-wrath on my heels, I saw my opportunity to put change things in my favor. I leaped from the roof through the second story window of the building, did a swan dive through the broken floor, and landed in the main room, prepared to subdue the zombified children so that they could be returned to normal. To my disbelief the elf followed me! She got through the window, and if I didn’t have such ingrained situational awareness (which cannot be taught, by the way) she would have landed on my head! I sidestepped, our allies arrived, and we saved the day. But not the building.
The fire damage had weakened the foundations of the orphanarium, and we fell through the floor. On our way down we saw a strange caster doing something obviously evil in the bowels of the building, but we had no way to stop him as we continued to fall. We fell onto a natural slide made slippery by a thick coating of pudding, which deposited us in the catacombs underneath the city. As we took our bearings and tried to decide which way to go, we saw the red-haired woman from the bar running through the tunnels, so we followed her.
We cornered her in what seemed like her party’s hideout, and she was acting strange. Kind of vacant. She was holding this huge black sword, obviously very magical, but she didn’t even seem to see us. When we got close she attacked us with an inhuman ferocity! We dealt with her fairly easily, but as she went down she struck me with the blade. I felt it suck some of my essence out, as easily as it drew blood. Well I picked up the thing right away, hoping to get my essence back, and it bonded itself to my soul. No joke. It’s named Blackrazor and it’s very ancient, very powerful, and very evil. I can feel the hunger in it, and it’s always telling me to kill people so it can eat their souls. My first reaction was to throw it away, but then I realized that this weapon is what made that red-haired woman that way. I don’t want more people to end up like her, and I think I can keep the weapon safe — maybe use it to do some good to make up for all the evil it’s caused. I feel… I feel like I’m somehow meant to do this. More later.


Session 1: The Shadow Plague
Zombies and getting arrested. What a bad day.

The party met up on the road with a traveling caraven going from Hammerfast to Fallcrest.
After mucking around town for a bit, the party rested in The Staggard Goat.
Townsfolk became zombified by necromantic energy.
Capt Gondar arrested the party for murdering civilians, who had moments before been zombies. Escorted to Moonstone Keep, the party pleaded with Faren Markelhay. Copernicus Jinx performed an autopsy on one of the ex-zombies to prove the pary spoke truth. Then everyone was zombified.


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