Fallcrest Campaign

Session 2: What goes up...

Evils new and old, and a slide. With pudding.

Dear Orson,
You won’t believe all the craziness that has happened since I’ve reached Fallcrest. After fighting zombies and getting arrested, the Lord Warden and all his guards turned into zombies too! The gnome did something so that we were protected from the zombie effects, but we had to knock everyone else there out. And, before you worry, I didn’t steal any of their stuff. After that we met this righteous half-elf woman, decked out in armor who, for some reason, immediately thought that I was a bad person. Also the orphanarium was on fire. So we ran across town to save the orphans, and she starts chasing me to try and stop me! I don’t think she’s actually evil, but maybe misinformed. She also thinks Orworl’s camel is her god. I jumped up to the roofs to get away from her, but she just followed me. I’m surprised she could get up there in all that metal!
When we got to the orphanarium, me still roof-hopping with an iron-clad, divinely-inspired maiden-of-wrath on my heels, I saw my opportunity to put change things in my favor. I leaped from the roof through the second story window of the building, did a swan dive through the broken floor, and landed in the main room, prepared to subdue the zombified children so that they could be returned to normal. To my disbelief the elf followed me! She got through the window, and if I didn’t have such ingrained situational awareness (which cannot be taught, by the way) she would have landed on my head! I sidestepped, our allies arrived, and we saved the day. But not the building.
The fire damage had weakened the foundations of the orphanarium, and we fell through the floor. On our way down we saw a strange caster doing something obviously evil in the bowels of the building, but we had no way to stop him as we continued to fall. We fell onto a natural slide made slippery by a thick coating of pudding, which deposited us in the catacombs underneath the city. As we took our bearings and tried to decide which way to go, we saw the red-haired woman from the bar running through the tunnels, so we followed her.
We cornered her in what seemed like her party’s hideout, and she was acting strange. Kind of vacant. She was holding this huge black sword, obviously very magical, but she didn’t even seem to see us. When we got close she attacked us with an inhuman ferocity! We dealt with her fairly easily, but as she went down she struck me with the blade. I felt it suck some of my essence out, as easily as it drew blood. Well I picked up the thing right away, hoping to get my essence back, and it bonded itself to my soul. No joke. It’s named Blackrazor and it’s very ancient, very powerful, and very evil. I can feel the hunger in it, and it’s always telling me to kill people so it can eat their souls. My first reaction was to throw it away, but then I realized that this weapon is what made that red-haired woman that way. I don’t want more people to end up like her, and I think I can keep the weapon safe — maybe use it to do some good to make up for all the evil it’s caused. I feel… I feel like I’m somehow meant to do this. More later.



WillOwen WillOwen

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