Fallcrest Campaign

Session 4: The True Fallcrest Guard

We don't need a realtor

While walking around town the party was attacked by Shara’s old party. They did OK, for an adventuring group that leaves its loot around to be taken and lets its leader get killed all alone. One of them, a shardmind named Thyst, realized that this party offered better benefits and joined them. Together with their new member, the party infiltrated the estate of “Lord” Kamroth. They discovered that he was a worshiper of Tiamat, and had evil plans for the citizens of Fallcrest. Kamroth and his minions were quickly dispatched, and the party gained legal control of his estate and holdings. After much debate, they decided to do the right thing and return the deeds to the beleaguered people. Having obtained the Kamroth Estate, and after doing so many good deeds in Fallcrest, the party was becoming a part of the town. They took the name The True Fallcrest Guard, since the Fallcrest Guard didn’t seem to do much. They immediately began making plans to throw a wild party, just so they had something to do between protecting Fallcrest and saving the world.


This is probably my favorite post.

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