Fallcrest Campaign

Session 5: The Well of Darkness

No... pe.

In search of a lead on Kurch the The True Fallcrest Guard descended into the catacombs. The entered an area called the Well of Darkness, protected by a spirit known as Noe. He offered them aid with some strange provisions, but they refused to take advantage of such needless help.
Deep inside the Well of Darkness they party came across a ghost named Ammarodon. He told them that he was an ancient body guard of the Markelhay family, and he would allow them entrance into the Markelhay vault if they helped him retrieve his body, which had been stolen by Kurche! Excited at having found the lead they sought, they quickly accepted. Ammarodon told them that Kurch had gone to a ruined keep north of Winterhaven to seek the artifacts he required for his dark ritual.


WillOwen WillOwen

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