Fallcrest Campaign

Session 6: Into the Bowels of Fallcrest

Poop ghosts

Before leaving for Winterhaven the The True Fallcrest Guard had some business to take care of on their turf. Orcus cultists had taken control of the sewers, and were using them as a chemical weapon to spread sickness and contamination. They had to be stopped, and it was once again up to the TFG to clean up the city’s problems. Long story short, they did.
After clearing out the sewers the party visited Nimozaran The Green to see if he could teleport them to Winterhaven. He said he would, for a price. The party tried unsuccessfully to haggle him down, but he offered them a discount if they could help him with a problem. Can somebody say sidequest? He had created a mechanical humanoid named Belmont, but it had escaped from his tower. It had no knowledge of the world, and he was afraid of what it might do.
They found Belmont and convinced it to return with them to Nimozaran’s tower, on the condition that he would make another mechanical humanoid, which would have “squishy bits.”


WillOwen IdealDefenestration

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