Fallcrest Campaign

The Party to the Temple

(Entries from Thyst’s Journal pieced together from the ashes found in a fire.)

Wild Party
I decided it may be smart to write down my experiences in case something unfortunate may happen during the course of my travels with my companions.
It seems that our party was well received, but to say it went smoothly would be a lie. It started off normal enough with my companions conversing with old friends, while I entertained the younger ones with small tricks… I ran into Tera who seemed annoyed I did not venture to save her at the dragons graveyard. The “gods” must have favored me since I was able to convince her that I sent Acquisitions Incorporated to her rescue. More importantly she talked about her evil Apprentice who ran off… I should probably look into that. Did she say his name or give a description. Bah all fleshy look alike it would do no good if she did.
A mad woman claimed I was the destroyer of towns, could this be Ama searching for me… or some other of my race who wants to claim my power for their own. I will need to hasten my studies to be ready for when they show. Later that night my companions were brought in by force to see the Lord Warden, but Jinx’s arrival allowed us to show that the attack on the city when I first ran into my companions was not their doing. I’m beginning to believe that perhaps they did not burn down the orphanage.

Entry 2
I went back to the Green fools tower tonight to see if I can find any books that could enhance my knowledge of the power coming from my leg and the necroshard slipping away from my companions seemed easy as if I was aided by someone or perhaps something… the city guards greeted me and told that the Lord Warden wished a meeting. Knowing that I was no match, I followed them to the keep where he made an offer for me to be the new City Wizard. While I do not relish the mundane tasks, it makes a perfect opportunity to read the Green Fool’s tomes…. Perhaps the answers lie there.

Entry 4
I have been speculating on it long enough, I must find a way to get everyone to go to the place of power…. I will try and urge my companions to make this our next excursion. I fear that Ama or Tera’s missing apprentice may already be heading towards it

Entry 6
My fears were confirmed. Others have received the same “Calling” to the place of power. This is evident from a crazed old man who Finn head-butted into oblivion. I wished to ask him questions but that fool had to ruin everything, you can never trust non magic users….. We must make haste, perhaps I’ll head out early in the morning alone.

Entry 8
Finn was trying to do something last night, but the fool forgot that I don’t sleep. While I noticed him this time, this Journal is too dangerous to keep around without a guard.
I will try a ritual I read about in the Green Fool’s Tower, It should send this book back to my room under lock and key… I should not have any problems casting it, unless I’m interrupted.


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