Fallcrest Campaign

Session 7: To the Keep!

The party went to Winterhaven to investigate a nearby Keep where Kurch might be. To save time they took a teleportation circle to immediately go from the wizard’s tower in Fallcrest to the wizard tower in Winterhaven. But before leaving Finnegan sent Hansi to bring money to Orson Stein at the Heartstien as payment for catering the upcoming party the True Fallcrest Guard will host.
Uninterested in happenings of the city, the party headed straight to the Keep.
On the way they encountered a crazed naked old man who tried to warn them of the dangers of the Keep, but the party refused to listen.
They also came across a suspicious elf tied to a tree, but left him defenseless and unheard. In actuality, he was Kurch in disguise attempting to persuade the party not to go to the Keep.
At the keep they were ambushed by a mass of kobolds and a re-animated baby white dragon.


WillOwen IdealDefenestration

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