Hansi [Lvl 8]

A flamboyant German half-elf paladin.


Half-Elf Paladin
Age 21, Height 6’1", Weight 175 lb, blond hair and blue eyes.

HP 48 AC 21
BL 24 F 16
HS 13 R 16
S/D 12 W 16
PI 21 PP 19
Body: Livegiving Plate Armor +1 Dazzling Plate Armor
Main Hand: Aecris The Vigilant Armor of Resistance
Off Hand: Aecris The Vigilant Sunblade
Head/Neck: Cloak of Resistance +1
Arms: n/a
Hands: Wrestler’s Gloves (HT)
Rings: n/a
Waist: Belt of Vigor (HT)
Feet: n/a
Symbol/Ki: Magic Holy Symbol +1
Tattoo: n/a

My Mama was a pretty German Fraulein named Adele Adlersflügel who grew up in die Flachlands. My Grandmama and Grandpapa died when she was just a little baby, but ze devotees of Pelor took her in. It was a tiny temple, but my mother was a gifted healer and the priests said, “Mein Gott! She is a gifted healer!” and let her stay once she was grown. Her herb and flower garden became a bit of a tourist attraction in ze town. Every year, zere was a big Festival and she decorated ze temple with flowers und Girlanden.

Zat was where she met mein Papa. He was a Sun elf named Solandir from a very distant land. He was tall and sparkly and wore silken robes. Ze priests said he got annoyed often because ze townsfolk would want to touch him. I wish I could touch him. Silk is so soft!

Anyway, Mama and Papa met at ze Festival. She liked his silken robes and he liked her healing powers. Ze Festival lasted a week, with Mama and Papa talking und smiling, and on ze last day, zhey… ah… well, Mama said he did not want to at first, but Mama can be sehr persuasive.

When ze Festival ended, Papa had to go away again, saying something about Azuth and a quest for ze perfection. Mama was sad for a long time, but zhen she had me, Johannes Adlersflügel! She named me after ze head priest, but it was confusing for me as I grew up, so zhey started calling me Hansi.

I was a sparkling boy and made everyone say, “He is so sparkly! He must be god-touched!” Mama and I lived with the priests of Pelor, so everyone assumed it was Pelor zhat touched me. When I was thirteen, Mama realized I was destined for more zhan just flower gardens and sent me to Lichtstadt, where zhere was a much bigger temple to Pelor.

I stayed with ze priests zhere for a long time, visiting Mama for birthdays and holidays. At first, ze priests wanted me to become one of zhem, but when I was fifteen, ze most wunderbare Sache happened! We were visited by an Eladrin paladin!

His hair was like flowing waves of Speiseeis after it has been melting in the sun for an hour or two and he had ze most perfect teeth. Like rows of dominoes! Although he only stayed for four days, I followed him everywhere. I asked many times, but he would never let me touch his golden armor or wash his perfect toes. If only he knew how deeply he cut mein mangelhaft Herz!

When he left me, I spent ages in front of my mirror, looking for a sign from Pelor as to why I was not good enough for mein Liebchen. To coax me out of my room, ze priests got me a pretty golden hand-mirror, but it was no good. I did not see what I was missing! I fell into ze deepest despair zhis world had ever seen.

Ze priests did not know what to do. I was wasting away, the godly sparkle leaving my eyes. After a full four hours, I fell asleep, my head on my new mirror, sobbing for mein Liebchen. I do not know how much time passed after zhat, but I awoke to a bright light filling my room! My sparkle had returned! But… it was coming from my hand-mirror!

A pretty voice swam in ze air and said, “Johannes Hansi Adlersflügel! You are my chosen one!”

It was mein Liebchen! I looked around, but he was nowhere to be found! Such a tease, playing tricks on me like zhis.

“I am not your paladin paramour, Herr Adlersflügel,” said ze voice.

“Call me Hansi, mein Schatzi!”

“Hansi Adlersflügel!” ze voice boomed. “I am Dol Arrah, goddess of sun and sacrifice! Sovereign of glory and goodness! Patron of diplomats and paladins!”

“Zhen you must know mein Liebchen!” I quickly came to terms with ze fact zhat zhis was not my paladin, but such a miraculous message was surely a sign from Pelor!

“Pelor has nothing to do with this! He wants nothing to do with you! I am your patron and you will do as I say. Is that clear?

Her voice was far too similar to Mama’s. I sat down, obedient.

“You are my chosen one, Hansi,” Dol Arrah told me. “You will be a champion for goodness and light. Now is the time for you to begin your training. This mirror will be your link to me as you journey through the lands, righting wrongs wherever you come across them.”

“Can’t I find mein Liebchen before I start zhis journey?” I pouted.

“You are a chosen warrior of a goddess. No Eladrin lovers and that’s final.”

This must have been how Mama felt when Papa had to leave her! Mein Herz was lying on ze floor in pieces, but a goddess commanded me to go find a weapon and begin training so zhat I may serve her, so I did.

It took me five years to develop meine Fähigkeiten, but after much hard work, I became a full paladin in mein own right! It was glorious! I had my sword and my own pretty golden armor. It was a wunderschönen sight to see.

For my first real quest, meine Lieben Frau told me of a village named Fallcrest where zere was strange, evil energies brewing! I tossed my hair in ze wind and looked into my mirror one last time before heading down ze road. I was fabelhaft!

(Blackrazor says, “You like that firey burst? You like that uh, lighty shiney sparkely whatever the hell kinda burst? I got some bursts you never even heard of, man. I got raspberry tart burst.”)

Hansi [Lvl 8]

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