Tiefling Wizard from history centuries old


Karavakos has been contacting the the acanely trained members of The True Fallcrest Guard. He has led them into Pyramid of Shadows where he is held prisoner.

Vyrellis, the head of an eladrin princess held by Hansi [Lvl 8], is very verbal about her hatred for Karavakos, and is pushing the party to do the same. She revealed the he is responsible for her present condition.


Centuries ago, Karavakos was a ruler of a petty barony who announced himself king in a wilderness far from the borders of Nerath. His was a tyrannical rule, relying on the strength of his armies and the power of his spells to maintain order even as the fledgling kingdom crumbled around him. His own power proved insufficient to keep his lands secure and his rule unchallenged.
It is unknown how he came to control an army of devils, but suddenly Karavakos led his legions on one conquest after another. His new infernal soldiers were invincible. What had been a small kingdom grew into a mighty nation to rival the great human empire of Nerath that held sway over much of the land at this time.
Not content to rule a majority of the natural world, Karavakos set his sights on the Feywild and arranged to be married to an Eladrin princess, Vyrellis. Karavakos marched his army of devils into the Feywild and was never heard from since. In his sudden absence his empire was easily liberated consolidated into Nerath.


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