Sir Keegan

Death Knight Ghost Paladin


Worships Bahamut. Encountered in The Keep. Gave Aecris to Hansi.


Sir Keegan was an honorable paladin, yet even his dedication slowly crumbled under the maddening whispers of Orcus’s minions from the Shadowfell. When his mind snapped, he suffered paranoid delusions that the people of the keep were all demons sent by Orcus, he rampaged starting with his wife and children. He was not killed by the knights of the keep, however. Gravely wounded, he fled into the deep passages beneath the keep and hid. His senses returned while he rested and tended to his wounds. Crushed with remorse, he lay within a secret tomb in the dungeons and, rather than live with his guilt, he drank a vial of poison. His spirit now awaits a champion to redeem his memory and complete his mission—to keep the seal in place and protected so that this passage into the Shadowfell remains closed forever.

Sir Keegan

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