Half-Troll Great Weapon Fighter Kensei (Axe)


A Paragon of fighters, Mange is foul of temper and odor. His troll lineage allows him to recover from nearly any wound without the aid of healing magics.


TFG encountered him in the Keep on the Shadowfell, where he was being tortured by a cruel hobgoblin [who he later devoured]. Kurche had cut off his arm for use in his Dread Deathtouched Flesh Golemn. Vimaki now bears the arm.
Grumpy and not in the mood to chat, the troll was left alone, only to return after the TFG defeated Kurche and his plans to reopen the rift to the Shadowfell. Mange traveled through the portal as it was closing as the TFG lay exhausted.

He …or it has not been heard from since.

Wish List

  • Ring of Fury. lvl 14. daily power for 2 free basic attacks. Dragon Mag 366. Ring slot currently empty.
  • Grace Ring of Lightning. lvl 14. Encounter power to deal dmg without attacking. AV2.
  • Tattoo of Vengeance. lvl 5/15. +dmg when crit’ed. Tattoo slot currently empty.
  • Totemic Belt. lvl11. +1 dmg daily power. AV. Waist slot currently empty.
  • Boots of Free Movement. lvl 6. saves against immobilized. AV. Feet slot currently empty.
  • Battle Standard of the Hungry Blade. lvl 9. pull in enemies. Drag Mag 381. Current Standard: of Might.
  • Amulet of Vigor +3. lvl 14. increased healing. AV2. Current neck item: Evil Eye Fetish +2


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