Remove a body part, gain a body part.


With Kurche’s notes and his knowledge of the dreaded necronomicon in his adventuring bag, Thyst the Purple Wizardcan magically graft various monstrous parts onto your body. The grafting process causes damage equal to your bloodied value.

Zombie Arm
Vulnerable 5 radiant
Melee Basic Attack: Slam. (Standard; at-will)
Your level +5 vs. AC; 2d6 + Strength modifier damage.

Mange’s Arm
Currently grafted to Vimaki.
Regeneration 5 while not bloodied only. If you take acid or fire damage, regeneration doesn’t function until the end of your next turn.
Melee Basic Attack: Claw. (Standard; at-will) Reach 2. Your level +5 vs. AC; 2d6 +level damage.

Thirst of the Vampire
Vulnerable 10 radiant
Prerequisites: Constitution 13
Blood Drain: (Standard action, encounter, recharges when an adjacent creature becomes bloodied) Healing
Requires Combat Advantage against the target. Your level +2 vs. Fortitude; roll enough dice that if each dice were to roll max damage, the total would be equal to your surge value. Regain HP equal to damage dealt. Target is weakened (save ends). When the target is reduced to 0 after this attack is successful, the target cannot be healed and remains comatose until killed or a Remove Affliction Ritual is cast. If the ritual is not cast, the victim dies at the sunset of the next day and rises as a Vampire.

Goliath Arm
The arm of a mountain Goliath.
You can use the Goliath racial power once per day.

Blazing Skeletal Claw
Resist 5 fire
Vulnerable 5 radiant
Melee Basic Attack: Blazing Claw (Standard, at-will) Fire keyword:
Your Level +5 vs. AC; 1d4 + Strength fire damage and ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).
Ranged Basic Attack: Flame Orb (standard, at-will) *Fire keyword:
Ranged 10; level +3 vs. Reflex; 2d4 + Dexterity fire damage and ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).

Wight’s Claw
Vulnerable 5 radiant
Melee Basic Attack: Wight Claw. (Standard; at-will) *Necrotic keyword
Your level +5 vs. AC; 1d6 + Strength modifier damage, and the target loses a healing surge.

More grafts will be unlocked as Thyst levels.



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