An evil stone with a mysterious past


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Garvus Harbane maintained his position in the ranks of a dark and mysterious collection of necromancers using a meteor shard he had discovered. However he foolishly used the necroshard as a focus for a dark ritual to prolong his life. The shard unleashed a wave of raw energy that killed him and every living creature in the temple. Although catastrophic for Garvus, his ritual increased the potential power of the necroshard tenfold.

Since then the shard has often been found clutched in the cold dead hands of fallen necromancers. Rumors and legends have been wispered about the dark stone, most of which speak of a corrupted temple of Erathis secluded deep in the woods which was besieged by zombies every night. At dusk of each day the dead became reanimated by the power of the necroshard.

The necroshard was seen lately being charged with necrotic energry from the Shadowfell by Kurche during the Shadowplague. After finally defeating Kurche in the Keep on the Shadowfell, Thyst pried it from the torn remains of the once-powerful assassin-wizard.


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