Spiked Hammer +2

Mordenkrad that's nearly a Large-sized weapon.

weapon (melee)

Cthonic Sutro dwarven runes are pictured to the right. Roughly translated, “Rape from Below.”
The spike is a narwhal horn. No creature under 6’5" and considerable strength can wield the spiked hammer.

Superior two-handed weapon
Group: Hammer, Spear [polearm]
Weight: 20 lbs
Damage: 1d16
Brutal 2
Armor Crushing (encounter power) minor action: targets metallic creature or a creature wearing metal armor. +9 vs. Ref; -1 AC until end of encounter


The pieces and blueprints were found in an ancient dwarven smithy of Teldorthan’s ancestors accessed through The Well of Darkness. It was hidden in a heavily trapped chest. Made from a block of Mithril, a fang of an elder dragon, a large diamond, and an 8 ft adamantine rod.

Teldorthan agreed to forge the weapon for free as long as he could keep the blueprints for himself, to which Vim agreed.

(Blackrazor says, “Wimpy hammers…can’t HACK it! Hoo-ha-huh!”)

Spiked Hammer +2

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