Tag: wizard


  • Kurche (deceased)

    Kurche speaks in a deep recognizable voice and secretly enjoys lounge singing. When first encountered, Kurche knew a variety of low-level spells like "Color Spray" and showed remarkable resilience and cunning. Kurche has been studying whatever dark …

  • Nimozaran The Green (deceased)

    Nimozaran constructed man named [[:the-construct | Belmont]], who [[The True Fallcrest Guard | The True Fallcrest Guard]] found in an abandoned hut in the nearby woods. Belmont was convinced to return to the wizard's tower with a promise that the wizard …

  • Thyst [Lvl 8]

    Bio Coming Later _Wish list for items? -Will_ Thyst's bag o' parts; * Amaradon's remains * goliath arm * zombie arm * vampire fangs * thyst's old leg

  • Karavakos

    Centuries ago, Karavakos was a ruler of a petty barony who announced himself king in a wilderness far from the borders of [[Nerath Empire | Nerath]]. His was a tyrannical rule, relying on the strength of his armies and the power of his spells to maintain …