Kamroth Estate

Once owned by the despised “Lord” Kamroth. Now headquarters for The True Fallcrest Guard.Kamroth

-second floor pool


You may purchase additional defenses for your Stronghold:

  • Arrow Slits 840 gp Lvl 4. Narrow windows that allow archers [and wizards] to fire from protected positions. Creatures fighting from an arrow slit have at least superior cover against attacks made by enemies outside the stronghold.
  • Guards keep your stronghold safe from any creature of their level or lower. Choose a level for the guards. The price is equal to a magic item of that level.
  • Iron doors 680 gp lvl 3. Replacing interior doors with iron doors provides an additional level of protection.
  • Moat 3400 gp. A wide trench filled with water and stakes or dangerous underwater creatures. 15’ deep and 30’ wide. Includes drawbridge.
  • Superior Locks 680 lvl 3. All doors in the compound have masterwork locks. To unlock without a key a Thievery check hard DC of level of creature picking the lock.
  • Permanent Teleportation Circle 10,000 gp Teleport to other known teleportation circles, used as a location marker for rituals such as Linked Portal and Planar Portal.
  • Call Stronghold Ritual Component Cost: 5000 gp Market Price: 25000 gp Time: 1 hr Duration: Permanent.
    Teleport the stronghold from its previous location (currently Fallcrest) to a cleared area of the strongholds size or larger. Not limited by planar boundaries, thus allowing you to transfer the stronghold from the natural world to the Feywild or Shadowfell.
  • Flying Fortress Ritual Component Cost: 13000 gp Market Price: 65000 gp Time: 1 hr Duration: Permanent
    Your stronghold and a quantity of earth beneath it rise 100 ft in the air and remain there with a fly speed of 6 (hover). When you are in the stronghold you can spend a move action to let the fortress fly up to its speed in any direction you choose. If the flying fortress impacts any object it comes to a stop.

Fund for Upgrades
200 gold (Finnegan) —I suggest keeping track of where this comes from (W)

I think we should obviously shoot for the “Flying Fortress” business, but some arrow slits first might not be a bad idea (Jeff)._
_The “Permanent Teleportation Circle” Would also be very useful for cutting down time to other towns such as Winterhaven and Fallcrest and any others we find. (Childers)

Kamroth Estate

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