Last Legion

Last legion Most know the Last Legion as a mercenary band formed to hunt and exterminate monsters.

Since the Last Legion formed during the Nerath Empire, it has
undergone many missions, fought for many masters,
and drifted from place to place.

The Last Legion fought against the forces of Orcus when the portal to the Shadowfell was opened 200 years ago. Keep on the Shadowfell was later built to make sure the portal stayed sealed.

It has been absent
from the Nentir Vale for the last few years while
fighting in the ruins of Nydor, a large city to the west
that fell to the gnolls years ago.

Joining the Legion grants access to feats otherwise not available. Not to mention rich history and stories about the conquests of the Legion. After proving yourself in a few missions you will move up in ranks and command a squad of your own [which you can control without spending your own actions].


Capture: A Legionnaire betrayed his squad (an act of treachery that lead to their deaths), and fled to Fallcrest, where he is lying low. Agents sent to retrieve him have not returned. If you find him please return him I care not if he is alive or dead.
Espionage: Caravans have gone mission on the trade road between Fallcrest and Hammerfast. Needed supplies aren’t making it to hungry families.
Assassination: The new lord of Ashendale seems to be a thrall of a dark and alien power. the town has become a military encampment, and the townsfolk are literally being worked to death forging weapons and armor for orc mercenaries the new lord has hired which have been destroying fields of the nearby towns. A direct attack by the Legion would assure casualties of all the civilians.
Trailblazing: Find a safe path through the mountains in the Stonemarch to help the Legion meet an invading orc army spilling down from the northlands. The Legion us currently unable to get through the Axe Bite Pass because of the snow.

Last Legion

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