Pyramid of Shadows

Pyarmid in forest
The extradimensional Pyramid of Shadows is mostly unheard of in the mortal realm of the Prime Material plane. Only highly knowledgable creatures like Garm, Jinx, Nimozaran (deceased), and Kurche (deceased) have even heard of its existence. The only thing anyone has ever learned about the pyramid is that empaths detect from within it “much hostility, negotiation, backstabbing, and intrigue.”

Recently the pyramid has emerged in the Winterbole Forest, North of the Nentir Vale.

The True Fallcrest Guard recently entered the Pyramid, and discovered Karavakos and Vyrellis.

In the Library of Whispers, the group found information on several specific monsters. Here is the list in case any players wish to look them up in the future. (you automatically know all Lore on these monsters):
Teiflings, Eladrin, Ettins, Gelatenous Cubes, rats, harpies, sahuagin, otyugh, Lizardfolk, Arboreans, Dire Boars, Hags, Shambling Mound, Satyrs, Ettercaps, Bears, Quicklings, Humans, Dragonborn, werewolfs, Succubus, devils, Eaters of Knowledge, orcs, Mezzodemons, Flameskulls, Cambions, Dark Creepers, gargoyles, Foulspawn, Medusa, Ogre, Destrachan, Grick, Dragon, wraiths and more. (DM reserves the right to have monsters magically appear on the list later)
Most recent entries: Halflings, Half-Elves, Shardminds, Githzerai, Goliaths

Pyramid of Shadows

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