Copernicus Jinx

Gnome Sorcerer


A gnome wearing a Beret, a magic crystal arm, and a goatee.


Jinx saved The True Fallcrest Guard from zombification during the Shadow Plague by warding them against the energy from the Shadowfell. At Moonstone Keep Jinx proved the innocence of the group while they were standing accused of murdering citizens in The Staggard Goat.
Later, Jinx showed up to point the group onto Kurche’s trail, who had slipped away from the burning Orphanarium.
For some reason, the town believed the orphans were saved by Jinx. This was later remedied at wild party.

(Blackrazor, “Mmmmh, a fun-sized soul. I’m hungry!”)
Finnegan, “You can have the bite-sized bastard.”

Copernicus Jinx

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