Kurche (deceased)

Evil Wizard Doppleganger. Deceased.


Kurche was met by the TFG underneath the Orphanarium during the Shadow Plague.

He was attempting to channel necromantic energy from the Shadowfell into his necroshard dagger. Using cunning maneuvering the party had him cornered in a narrow tunnel, but he miraculously escaped by the grace of an evil deity.

Notes which he accidentally left behind explain his interest in an artifact, the Skin of the Mockery, a flawed god.

Ammarodon (ghost found through the Well of Darkness) told the party that Kurche was last heard of traveling to The Keep near Winterhaven on a large lizard mount, and asked for the safe return of his body and he would allow the party to pass to the resting place of the first Markelhay, founder of Fallcrest.

Disguised as a helpless elf tied to a tree, Kurche was encountered on the way to the Keep. He attempted to convince the party that there was nothing going on at The Keep, and that they should go South. The party left him tied to the tree because the whole situation was suspicious. The party didn’t recognize his voice until several hours later, by which time there was no trace of him.

TFG delivered death finally to Kurch at the bottom of The Keep on the Shadowfell after a very long battle. As the rift to the Shadowfell was closing, The Thing in the portal grabbed Kurche’s upper torso. Kurch was ripped in half and his upper part was dragged into the Shadowfell.


Kurche speaks in a deep recognizable voice and secretly enjoys lounge singing.

When first encountered, Kurche knew a variety of low-level spells like “Color Spray” and showed remarkable resilience and cunning.

Kurche has been studying whatever dark ancient powers that have existed under The Keep, so no doubt he has become more powerful. Rumors of his dark experiments must also be considered dangerous.

In the climactic reunion, Kurch had grown very powerful in his necromantic powers, controlling shadow and light at the same time, and was protected by a nearly unstoppable flesh golem.

(Blackrazor says, “Evil creatures are no match for evil magical items, those movies weren’t called ’The Lord of the Orcs!”)
The Lord of the Flies was a vivid portrayal of the evil potential in the hearts of men. Objects are tools, accessories. They can do nothing without people to corrupt, and they can do nothing when they find a person who will not be corrupted. Your power has no bearing now, so shut it. (Finn)
“Lord of the Rings is much better than Lord of the Flies.” -BR

Kurche (deceased)

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