Vimaki [Lvl 8]

Motherly barbarian with a dark past and a troll arm


Motherly barbarian with a dark past and a zombie troll arm

Spiked Hammer
Orc Bone Ring
Orc Hair Ring

(Blackrazor says, “Woah, momma. She can unsheathe me any day.”)


  • Helm of Opportunity
  • Cincture of the Dragon Spirit
  • Hunters Flint
  • Floating Lantern
Long Backstory
You have been warned

Like most Goliaths, Vimaki grew up in the heavily forested mountains in the northwest. Her parents were happily married, and she had a generally well-adjusted childhood.

Vimaki became a Barbarian to follow in her father’s footsteps as she looked up to him as her personal hero. She was even named after him because he had wanted a boy to call Junior and follow in his footsteps. He was not-so-secretly disappointed when his wife, Kuari, gave birth to a girl. Vim’s mother allowed Vimak to name their daughter after him anyway, but insisted the ‘i’ be added to give it a little femininity. From the toddler years, Vimak was always a little rougher with his daughter than Kuari would have ever liked, but Vimaki loved the games they played.

As she got older, using her size and strength to protect friends and loved-ones sounded ideal to Vimaki, although most of the other females in her tribe opted for more magically inclined disciplines. The combination of her father’s aggressive upbringing, and Vim’s not-particularly-quick intelligence made the decision a natural one. Her best friend Nalthani (who grew up a fairly decent Shaman as far as Vimaki knew) often gave Vim a hard time about her rough-n-tumble lifestyle, especially with her masculine name. There was nothing wrong with women being Barbarians; it just wasn’t a particularly common choice, and it left Vim with more male friends than female ones.

Around the age of 16, a strong, tall, broad-shouldered Barbarian-in-training named Ilikan caught Vimaki’s eye. Only a couple short years later they were married, and had a daughter not-enough-months-later (but hey, who’s counting, right?). They named their daughter Kuari after Vim’s mother, as a thank you for allowing Vim her masculine name, which she grew to love. Ilikan, Vimaki and little Kuari were a happy family with the exception that Ilikan was not particularly responsible, especially when it came to Kuari. Ilikan was often over-estimating their young daughter’s abilities and therefore not watching her enough. Vimaki wasn’t happy with her irresponsible husband, but they had gotten married early and her mother reassured her that he would finish growing up soon.

Unfortunately, that day would never come.

Vimaki’s tribe lived near the purest spring for miles, which fed into a river and about a mile away turned into a sizeable waterfall off a 1,800 ft cliff. The cliff and waterfall were great fun, a great training location, and so naturally, sought after by a nasty rival tribe. Normally Goliath tribes don’t have many problems, they prefer to be separate, but the beautiful landscape drew the attention of two particularly willful tribes.

One day Vim asked Ilikan to watch their three year old daughter while she went off on a day trip with several others to the east. Three was a trying age for Ilikan and Vimaki; little Kuari had really gotten the rocky/mossy terrain down and loved to run through the forest and along the stream given half a chance. Ilikan had said “Of course” he’d watch their little one, but when the afternoon arrived, Ilikan ran off with some of his Barbarian buddies to play some Goat Ball on the cliff, leaving Kuari alone with a few elders and other small children. This was a fairly regular occurrence, and one that often sparked fights between Vim and her husband, but hardly ever resulted in catastrophe. This was not one of those times though. The rival tribe came sweeping through the camp, knowing it would be more unguarded than usual. They destroyed everything they could find, killed the elders and kidnapped the children.

Upon returning from their trip, everyone was horrified to see their ruined home, but Vimaki was frantic when she found her daughter missing. She demanded they go that night for rescue and revenge but the rest of the tribe convinced her to wait for tomorrow so they could plan and prepare. That night, Vimaki and Ilikan argued like never before, nearly coming to blows. Vim blamed everything on Ilikan, but he was convinced that his presence wouldn’t have mattered anyway, even to save Kuari from being taken. A hatred for Ilikan grew in Vim’s heart, and she knew she could never trust him again; she had had enough of his inability to take responsibility or to think of anyone other than himself.

Early the next morning the raiding party set out for the enemy’s camp. They came upon the other encampment by sun rise but they were expected. The battle that followed was brutal, and un-helped by Vimaki’s disregard for their plans. She ran, blinded by grief, straight into the camp, calling for her daughter. At the far end of the settlement, Vim finally found the missing children but they were too late. The small bodies looked extra fragile in death and Vimaki broke down in hysteria on the spot. When the alarm had been raised, someone had run to the captives and ripped their lives from their small frames.

Vimaki cradled her poor Kuari to her chest and howled in despair, her hatred for Ilikan temporarily overruled by her pain of loss. Suddenly though, her tears were turned to anger and she sprang from the ground, ready to rip the earth apart, if only for revenge. She knew there was no getting back what she had lost, but that didn’t mean there wasn’t going to be a price to pay.

Vimaki fought valiantly that day, after she tore out of the room, she continued to tear the enemy apart limb from limb. Her first several kills were especially brutal; powered not only by the primal earth all Barbarians drew upon, but also by the even more powerful adrenaline of a newly grieving mother. Limbs went flying, literally as Vimaki transferred all of her anger and emotion into force. After a few Goliaths hit the ground in pieces, she grabbed her hammer from her back and swung violently into the battlefield, blinded with unending rage.

At the end of the day, when the enemy had fallen back, and Vimaki’s own people were readying for the return home, Vimaki continued to rage, beating the great trees with her hammer as she had no other targets. No one tried to interfere, afraid of getting accidently turned on. Eventually, her arms gave out and she collapsed into a mess of tears and wails, allowing a few of the men to carry her home. The next morning Vimaki woke early, packed a bag and left her forested mountain forever.

Vimaki [Lvl 8]

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