Flayed Skin of The Mockery (moved on)

Evil intelligent magic skin suit of a minor deity


It can change it to any armor type and grants: proficiency in all armor types, bonus to stealth and thievery, resist all damage, bonus to Fortitude, healing. It is easier to please than Blackrazor.

Possibility to gain: insubstantial, phasing, bonus to all skills, aura, temp HP, bonus to save throws, rogue class feature.

At a determined pleased concordance value, it will voluntarily move on and leave behind high quality magic replacement armor along with regrown toughened natural skin (permanent +1 AC), 5000 gp in residium, and a daily power.


A Relic left behind by The Mockery before he ascended to godhood, the Skin is a dark green, embalmed skin-suite that pulses as if alive, but remains icy cold to the touch. It retains a remnant of The Mockery’s banishment—a power with a singular devotion to evil.
It doesn’t do anything unless it permanently replaces a character’s skin. Surviving the flaying process grants the character permanent bonuses.:+2 bonus to saving throws against Sleep, and when reduced to less than 0 Hit Points you stay conscious until you fail your first death save throw.

Once installed, the Skin becomes part of its possessor’s body, functioning just like a normal skin and armor at the same time (though it retains its unusual appearance). Wearing additional armor on top of the skin bears no additional bonus to defenses.

The Skin has “moved on” and left Thyst with a blacked leg that functions again.

(Blackrazor says, “Just some leftover bodyparts of a dude who lost a fight!”)

Flayed Skin of The Mockery (moved on)

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